There are number of mattresses available in the Singapore market and people mostly get confused when go to buy a better one. The article tends to make your life easy by providing some details on the best mattresses available in the Singapore market.

  1. The Hybrid Mattress:
  2. excellent spinal support
  3. pocket springs
  4. memory foam with cooling gel

It is more comfortable as compared to spring mattresses and provides better support system to the body due to motion isolation technology. Hybrid type of mattress is the best available option in the category of best mattresses in Singapore for people looking for value of their money. The mattress come with guarantee of 02 years and in case of urgent requirement, some companies also deliver mattress at your doorsteps.

  • Memory classic mattresses:  The best kind of memory foam mattress is designed in Switzerland and has been introduced in the Singapore market. This type of mattress is best for people with back & neck pain and insomnia, also people with orthopaedic issue can benefit from this type. The mattress is made with memory cloud, a technology which gives cooling and therapeutic impact to the body. Some companies offer free usage trial for one night. The springs of the mattress are so designed that it guarantees good, comfortable and easy sleep with in-built system for body massage that increases blood flow and relieves pain. It also takes away heat from the body with its excellent absorbing technology and maintain temperature while sleep. Yet another interesting feature in the mattress is motion insulator which doesn’t disturb sleep of either partner in case of movement of the other partner.
  • Levitate Mattress: The best kind of levitate mattress offers excellent spinal support fitted for an individual with its pocket spring facility. The company offer 100 days’ trial for free and one get value of money spent on the purchase. Mattress is made up of premium material which relaxes muscles and absorb mental stiffness and tension. It also dissipates heat away from the body and gives cooling effect. Mattress comes with 12 years’ warranty.
  • For Spinal Care; Euro Coil Mattress: The best kind of euro coil mattress is repulsive towards water and dirt particles and provides good support for orthopaedic system. If you are allergic towards fur and mattress cloth, then this particular type is for you due to its mite and dust allergic feature and anti-bacterial function. If you are still indecisive whether to go for this type or not, then check what people have to say about the mattress. The outside cover of the mattress is made of Teflon cloth. The inner springs are relatively cheap which reduce the overall price of the mattress. However, cheap mattress and low price doesn’t reduce the quality of the mattress at all. Rather it makes the mattress affordable for all. Apart from this, it is easy to remove the Teflon fabric of the mattress for washing purposes.

The Singapore mattress market offer lot of mattress from Switzerland and the US made. You first shortlist some brands and check their online reviews. Then make a final decision because you sleep on the mattress everyday. Your good night sleep depends upon the choice of mattress you choose and how much you pay for it. If you are looking for the best mattres in Singapore, find more information here.

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