Many Singaporeans often neglect the quality of their mattress. Little do they know that a bad mattress can affect your quality of sleep and cause health problems such as cardiac issues, weak immune system and respiratory issues. If you are planning to move to a new place or simply cannot stand waking up to back aches, then this article will help you make a better decision when purchasing the best mattress for your home.

Why buy a good mattress?

After a long tiring day, everyone looks forward to a good night sleep. A cozy room, comfortable bed and smooth mattress is a perfect combo which awaits you at the end of the day. Buying a good mattress depends upon your pocket and many branded mattresses might just fall out of your budget. Apart from this, some non-branded regular mattresses also offer good sleep if they are better in quality. How to determine the quality of the mattress is not an easy task. If you plan to buy the best mattress in Singapore, then read what others recommend.

To cater for the concept of “bed in a box”, many online companies offer money back guarantee for mattresses. You can check those as well. Some online known companies also offer features like premium memory forms and latex layers in their mattresses which last for long.

Available Sizes and Dimensions of Mattresses

The size of the mattress depends mostly on the size of the bed. Normally, there are categories of bed like single, super single, queen, and king size mattress. Suitability and dimensions of different mattresses is as follow:

Single Mattress; Suitable for one child or one adult. Its dimensions are 190cm to 91 cm.

Super Single; Suitable for one adult. Its dimensions are 190 cm to 107 cm

Queen; It is mainly for two adults. The dimensions are 190 cm to 152 cm.

King size; This particular size is for two adults and sometimes two adults with single child as well. Its dimensions are 190 cm to 182 cm.

Best King size Mattress in Singapore:

In the category of King size mattress in Singapore, made-in Hong Kong mattresses are one of the best in the market which are very affordable and considered top selling brand name. They also offer latex mattresses, which is high in budget but highly recommended type. You can also check and order online through their different distributors. The single mattress cost around $200 whereas for double mattress, $400 is the total cost.

Extending life of Mattress:

Below are some Do’s and Don’ts which can extend the life of your mattress:

Do’s: Rotate and change the side of your mattress regularly to keep their weight and thickness equal at all stages. Second make sure to use mattress protector for keeping it safe from any corrosion and from getting scattered. During rainy and summer season, timely ventilation can also extend its life for long.

Don’t: Kids love to jump on the mattress but it can shorten the life of your mattress. Besides this the way you sit on a mattress also determine its life. Thus, sit in balanced way and never on the edges.

Homes are not built everyday but it takes lifetime to make one home. Thus, buy the best mattress which suits your home ambiance, your lifestyle and your comfort zone. Because at the end of the day, a good night sleep is all it takes to start all over again.

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