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Tap Fittings

small tap in a bathroom
small tap in a bathroom

How To Compliment A Tap To Your Fittings

If you have planned to choose the ideal design for your bathroom and kitchen, you need to choose the tap that compliments the entire fitting and décor. If the material of the tap is considered, then either brass or gold take the lead. Both materials are enough to give warmth and luxurious touch to your bathroom and kitchen. Again, for installation and fitting, there are certain points to be considered. 

If you plan to get the standard chrome taps, then these come in contemporary and classic designs. Such designs are a perfect fit for your kitchen and bathrooms. It is possible to get the desired look of shine or matt, or whatever suits you. However, the lustre needs to be updated regularly. This can be achieved by frequently cleaning the chrome tap for keeping their shine alive. On the contrary, better go for the matt chrome because these are easier to maintain. 

Fitting The Tap:

Traditionally taps are fitted into the already built holes in the washbasins. The same procedure is even being used today in many households. Over the period, many different contemporary designs have developed. Mainly wall-mounted design of taps to sleek stylish. All look organized and stylish, though. Some designs even conceal the backdrop fitting, so it doesn’t look bad. 

When one is talking about changing the kitchen tap, you need to completely replace the kitchen sink and come up with an aesthetic combination. 

Mainly changing a tap is a simpler task in case you know how to do it. On the other hand, it may seem a troublesome issue if you are not aware of this simple task. 

The Tap Connector:

It is the tap connector that shows how much water a tap can give out to the users. No matter what type of tap you use, you would want the water to come out of it in the appropriate quantity. Thus, the importance of a tap connector cannot be ignored. For the tap connector, one end is linked with the tap base, and the other is connected with the water supply. Now the supply of water could be hot or cold, as the case may be. The direction of the tap connector could be different, either Flexi pipe or the straight tap.

Now in the capacity of Flexi tap, there are some options available. 

Compression Fitting:

In case you are wary of the plumbing, there is compression fitting available. Mainly, these fittings have a compression cap, one olive sliding on the above of the pipe, and one compression. Compression is a joint body made of copper material. 

In the first instance, you tend to slide the cap a bit on the pipe and then take it on the slide. The pipe is then taken inside the joint, and the cap is drawn down. When the olive is compressed within the pipe, the space is created to hold the pipe firmly within its actual place.


You might need the services of a proper professional for the fitting in case you got a new place. For smaller changes, you can help yourself as well. Do take a look at toilet taps and faucets in Singapore for a better understanding of designs in Singapore

Top-rated mattress brands for Children in 2021

The article highlights some of the top-rated kids mattress brands in Singapore for your children. If your child is looking for a comfortable sleep and cushion feel, then you need to go through this article before going to the market for final purchase.

  1. The best Twin Mattress-Casper Element Mattress: The Casper element mattress is considered the best in the category of a twin mattress. Parents love the type due to its zip-off cushion which makes washing easy. Kids like its form because it comes in the multiple layer form system and is durable. The colour of the mattress is darker which is perfect for kids because it hides all sort of spills and stains. The price range of the mattress is around $395.
  2. The best Full-Size Mattress-Tuft & Needle mattress: If you are not sure about buying this mattress then it’s time to avail its 100 days’ return policy and you can get 10 years’ warranty mattress just like that. The mattress comes with an inbuilt cooling gel, which keeps the body temperature regulated and you can enjoy good sleep. The mattress falls in the price range of $505 with a 15 per cent discount.
  3. The Best Organic Mattress-Organic Cotton Mattress: The mattress comes with an organic cover at the top with cotton filling inside. When your child sleeps, he/she needs an automatic regulatory system for keeping the body cool. The mattress with cotton fitting makes it happen with its special mechanism. It has no flip and thus provides firm support to the body of your child. The price range of the mattress is $899.
  4. The best waterproof mattress-AC Pacific Foam Waterproof: With kids, spill, dirt and stains are part and parcel of life. You need to be prepared at any time for any such accident with your mattress. Thus, the AC Pacific mattress comes with upholstery which offers easy breathing and is also moisture repellent.
  5. The Best Crib Mattress-Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress: For ensuring the safety and comfort of a newborn, this mattress has been designed for providing utmost support and firmness to the soft bodies of babies. Mother can easily wash the external cover in a machine due to its easy pullover sheet. It also offers a breathing design and is light weighted so can easily be adjusted everywhere. The price of the mattress is $299.
  6. The Best Organic Crib mattress-Naturepedic Organic Crib mattress: Parents often find it hard to sleep along with the child is sleeping. If you also feel like taking some rest when the child is sleeping, then get hold of a Naturepedic type organic mattress. It is made with cotton fibre and is waterproof as well. Your child would not be disturbed as it neither makes any noise nor disturb the sleep of your child. The price of the mattress is somewhere $289.
  7. The best Memory Foam mattress-Zinus Twin 12: For keeping the freshness of the mattress alive, this type has green tea infusion along with a jacquard cover on the top. The natural plants also keep the mattress fresh and all odour away.

Above are few of the top mattress brand need to be explored in Singapore. You can also ask people to share their personal experiences and also check your estimated budget before buying any.

Tips to buy the right queen size mattress

Mattresses are not purchased every day. It all depends upon the size of your bed and any specific requirement that the kind of mattress you intend to buy. This guide is for those people who are planning to buy a new mattress preferably queen size and need some idea. So here we are with some tips to ease your purchase. If you are looking for queen sized mattresses, learn more here.

You need to know the size of your Mattress:

You never always go for buying a replacement for your mattress. You might be living alone and expecting to have a wife. Or you might be expecting a child or plan to enjoy movie nights or family time every weekend with your kids. All these factors mean your requirement of the mattress need to be changed and you have to have a different and new style now. So the very first thing you need to keep in mind is the exact requirement of the mattress. For family time, you have to have a queen size mattress which can accommodate kids, pets, you and your spouse on weekends and enjoy movie nights.

You might also require a queen size mattress because you get disturbed owing to the restlessness of your partner. Also, your body requires a fully supportive and comfortable mattress for enjoying good night sleep. So before you plan to explore the mattresses in Singapore, make sure you know what you require.

You need to check the quality of the mattress before buying:

Mattresses are not something that you just see, like and purchase. You have to check its softness and feel before finalizing the purchase. Sometimes you see people sitting on a mattress, touching with hands and then deciding whether to purchase that or not. There is no replacement of good mattresses if it is soft, supportive and gives good sleep. If you plan to sleep with your partner. then the choice of both matters. You need to spend some time at the stop and final purchase when satisfied. Another option could be to ask for the free trial and then check if the selected queen mattress fulfils your requirements.

Go for the free trial and return policy:

As already stated above, the free trial and return policy by many sellers is liked by buyers. I advise would also be to select a buyer who offers a free trial and also easy return in case you do not like the mattress. 30 days return policy is more than you can ask for. A month time is enough to check the quality and comfort of the mattresses and you can easily return with the full claim if you don’t like the quality.

It is not possible to make accurate measurements of a mattress to check its firmness. In the same manner, the word firm is also subjective and cannot be idealized. Only with use, touch and experience, one can determine the quality and the endurance of the mattress for longer use. You need also to check the life of your queen mattress by experiencing one. Thus, checking and trying a mattress before making a final purchase is a prerequisite for finalizing your choice. 

Type of Mattresses Available in the Singapore Market

With many different types of mattresses in the market, only an expert can tell which type is the best. There are certain features and materials in mattress which differentiate one type from the other. The article will analyse what need to look for when purchasing the best mattress in Singapore.

Look for the Innerspring of the mattress:

When the term spring comes in mind, one could recall childhood time of jumping on the bed. Also when one would move, the other partner would shake as well. Spring mattress are the most primitive and prominent type of mattress available in the Singapore market. This kind of mattress is user friendly and easily fits many users. If your budget is tight, then a spring mattress is the best choice you could make. However, with usage these mattresses are torn out easily and may not remain functional in the long run. Thus, if you plan to buy spring mattress, keep in mind that you may end up making a purchase again after sometime.

Innerspring or Coil Mattress:

Coil mattress comes in the form of coil structure. Mainly, four types of coil structures are available in the mattress fittings,

  • Continuous Coil: As the name indicates, these coils are continuous and consists of single coil in the form of one wire. The shape of the coil is “S”. For low budget consumers, this type of coil is a feasible option.
  • Offset Coil: For better hinge effect, offset coil is yet another option. The top of the coil is hinge shaped, whereas the bottom is connected with the edge of the other coil. These are in the form of layers which offer good flexibility.
  • Bonnell Coils: These coils are of superior quality and are typically included in the best kind of mattresses. If you have low budget and cannot afford to buy any branded mattress, then this could be your preferred choice.
  • Pocketed Coil or Marshall Coil: The anatomy of pocketed coil is similar to innerspring coil mattress. This type is mostly flexible due to intermingling of coils into one another.

Natural Fibres:

This type of mattress has the most natural fitting as compared to ordinary foams. The Singapore market has many different types and each kind is easily affordable. Natural fibre mattress are considered one of the best kind of mattress in Singapore as it is very comfortable and offers a good night sleep after a stressful long day. The overall impact of the mattress on the health of the individual and environment is safe. Natural type of mattresses come in different types, mainly:

  • Hemp type; preferable for vegan lifestyle
  • Bamboo; made from natural resources
  • Organic cotton; has a long life
  • Coconut coir; offer excellent quality
  • Organic Wool; able to regulate temperature while sleep
  • Latex; made from the rubber trees and is fire resistant.

Memory Form:

During winter season, it is always good to sleep immersed in bed. This is possible with memory form mattress in Singapore. These type adjust to the body and leave an impression when compressed with hand or feet. It offers utmost comfort and ease to the body and relieves all muscular pain.

There are number of features available in each mattress type. Some come with natural materials while others with synthetic products. The comfortable sleep all depends upon the type of mattress you purchase for your bed.

Enjoy A Good Night Sleep with The Best Mattress

There are number of mattresses available in the Singapore market and people mostly get confused when go to buy a better one. The article tends to make your life easy by providing some details on the best mattresses available in the Singapore market.

  1. The Hybrid Mattress:
  2. excellent spinal support
  3. pocket springs
  4. memory foam with cooling gel

It is more comfortable as compared to spring mattresses and provides better support system to the body due to motion isolation technology. Hybrid type of mattress is the best available option in the category of best mattresses in Singapore for people looking for value of their money. The mattress come with guarantee of 02 years and in case of urgent requirement, some companies also deliver mattress at your doorsteps.

  • Memory classic mattresses:  The best kind of memory foam mattress is designed in Switzerland and has been introduced in the Singapore market. This type of mattress is best for people with back & neck pain and insomnia, also people with orthopaedic issue can benefit from this type. The mattress is made with memory cloud, a technology which gives cooling and therapeutic impact to the body. Some companies offer free usage trial for one night. The springs of the mattress are so designed that it guarantees good, comfortable and easy sleep with in-built system for body massage that increases blood flow and relieves pain. It also takes away heat from the body with its excellent absorbing technology and maintain temperature while sleep. Yet another interesting feature in the mattress is motion insulator which doesn’t disturb sleep of either partner in case of movement of the other partner.
  • Levitate Mattress: The best kind of levitate mattress offers excellent spinal support fitted for an individual with its pocket spring facility. The company offer 100 days’ trial for free and one get value of money spent on the purchase. Mattress is made up of premium material which relaxes muscles and absorb mental stiffness and tension. It also dissipates heat away from the body and gives cooling effect. Mattress comes with 12 years’ warranty.
  • For Spinal Care; Euro Coil Mattress: The best kind of euro coil mattress is repulsive towards water and dirt particles and provides good support for orthopaedic system. If you are allergic towards fur and mattress cloth, then this particular type is for you due to its mite and dust allergic feature and anti-bacterial function. If you are still indecisive whether to go for this type or not, then check what people have to say about the mattress. The outside cover of the mattress is made of Teflon cloth. The inner springs are relatively cheap which reduce the overall price of the mattress. However, cheap mattress and low price doesn’t reduce the quality of the mattress at all. Rather it makes the mattress affordable for all. Apart from this, it is easy to remove the Teflon fabric of the mattress for washing purposes.

The Singapore mattress market offer lot of mattress from Switzerland and the US made. You first shortlist some brands and check their online reviews. Then make a final decision because you sleep on the mattress everyday. Your good night sleep depends upon the choice of mattress you choose and how much you pay for it. If you are looking for the best mattres in Singapore, find more information here.