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How To Compliment A Tap To Your Fittings

If you have planned to choose the ideal design for your bathroom and kitchen, you need to choose the tap that compliments the entire fitting and décor. If the material of the tap is considered, then either brass or gold take the lead. Both materials are enough to give warmth and luxurious touch to your bathroom and kitchen. Again, for installation and fitting, there are certain points to be considered. 

If you plan to get the standard chrome taps, then these come in contemporary and classic designs. Such designs are a perfect fit for your kitchen and bathrooms. It is possible to get the desired look of shine or matt, or whatever suits you. However, the lustre needs to be updated regularly. This can be achieved by frequently cleaning the chrome tap for keeping their shine alive. On the contrary, better go for the matt chrome because these are easier to maintain. 

Fitting The Tap:

Traditionally taps are fitted into the already built holes in the washbasins. The same procedure is even being used today in many households. Over the period, many different contemporary designs have developed. Mainly wall-mounted design of taps to sleek stylish. All look organized and stylish, though. Some designs even conceal the backdrop fitting, so it doesn’t look bad. 

When one is talking about changing the kitchen tap, you need to completely replace the kitchen sink and come up with an aesthetic combination. 

Mainly changing a tap is a simpler task in case you know how to do it. On the other hand, it may seem a troublesome issue if you are not aware of this simple task. 

The Tap Connector:

It is the tap connector that shows how much water a tap can give out to the users. No matter what type of tap you use, you would want the water to come out of it in the appropriate quantity. Thus, the importance of a tap connector cannot be ignored. For the tap connector, one end is linked with the tap base, and the other is connected with the water supply. Now the supply of water could be hot or cold, as the case may be. The direction of the tap connector could be different, either Flexi pipe or the straight tap.

Now in the capacity of Flexi tap, there are some options available. 

Compression Fitting:

In case you are wary of the plumbing, there is compression fitting available. Mainly, these fittings have a compression cap, one olive sliding on the above of the pipe, and one compression. Compression is a joint body made of copper material. 

In the first instance, you tend to slide the cap a bit on the pipe and then take it on the slide. The pipe is then taken inside the joint, and the cap is drawn down. When the olive is compressed within the pipe, the space is created to hold the pipe firmly within its actual place.


You might need the services of a proper professional for the fitting in case you got a new place. For smaller changes, you can help yourself as well. Do take a look at toilet taps and faucets in Singapore for a better understanding of designs in Singapore

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