The article highlights some of the top-rated kids mattress brands in Singapore for your children. If your child is looking for a comfortable sleep and cushion feel, then you need to go through this article before going to the market for final purchase.

  1. The best Twin Mattress-Casper Element Mattress: The Casper element mattress is considered the best in the category of a twin mattress. Parents love the type due to its zip-off cushion which makes washing easy. Kids like its form because it comes in the multiple layer form system and is durable. The colour of the mattress is darker which is perfect for kids because it hides all sort of spills and stains. The price range of the mattress is around $395.
  2. The best Full-Size Mattress-Tuft & Needle mattress: If you are not sure about buying this mattress then it’s time to avail its 100 days’ return policy and you can get 10 years’ warranty mattress just like that. The mattress comes with an inbuilt cooling gel, which keeps the body temperature regulated and you can enjoy good sleep. The mattress falls in the price range of $505 with a 15 per cent discount.
  3. The Best Organic Mattress-Organic Cotton Mattress: The mattress comes with an organic cover at the top with cotton filling inside. When your child sleeps, he/she needs an automatic regulatory system for keeping the body cool. The mattress with cotton fitting makes it happen with its special mechanism. It has no flip and thus provides firm support to the body of your child. The price range of the mattress is $899.
  4. The best waterproof mattress-AC Pacific Foam Waterproof: With kids, spill, dirt and stains are part and parcel of life. You need to be prepared at any time for any such accident with your mattress. Thus, the AC Pacific mattress comes with upholstery which offers easy breathing and is also moisture repellent.
  5. The Best Crib Mattress-Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress: For ensuring the safety and comfort of a newborn, this mattress has been designed for providing utmost support and firmness to the soft bodies of babies. Mother can easily wash the external cover in a machine due to its easy pullover sheet. It also offers a breathing design and is light weighted so can easily be adjusted everywhere. The price of the mattress is $299.
  6. The Best Organic Crib mattress-Naturepedic Organic Crib mattress: Parents often find it hard to sleep along with the child is sleeping. If you also feel like taking some rest when the child is sleeping, then get hold of a Naturepedic type organic mattress. It is made with cotton fibre and is waterproof as well. Your child would not be disturbed as it neither makes any noise nor disturb the sleep of your child. The price of the mattress is somewhere $289.
  7. The best Memory Foam mattress-Zinus Twin 12: For keeping the freshness of the mattress alive, this type has green tea infusion along with a jacquard cover on the top. The natural plants also keep the mattress fresh and all odour away.

Above are few of the top mattress brand need to be explored in Singapore. You can also ask people to share their personal experiences and also check your estimated budget before buying any.

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