Kickstarter stores selling online in Singapore

As crowdfunding becomes increasingly popular as a source of funding for product production in Singapore, some campaigns experience greater success than others. This is primarily because backers of the various Kickstarter campaigns choose products that they can relate to, and those they feel will make a difference in their lives. 

This is one reason why products with great backing tend to do well even after the campaign is over. However, many people shy away from products that have not been tried and tested. However, some of the campaigns provide solutions to some of the challenges people experience with some of the products currently in the market. This is an exciting aspect of the new products unveiled on Kickstarter Singapore. Such Kickstarter products are also found at The Novus Lab, that sells award-winning Kickstarter innovations and products. Read more here.

Tech Innovations

Singapore is the second most competitive country, after the United States, in digital development. Singaporeans are knowledgeable and creative in technological know-how, but they are also curious and willing to invest in tech products. This is one of the reasons for the immense backing of Kickstarter campaigns with tech products. 

Examples of products that have drawn the interest of many Singaporeans include the smart egg universal remote control, which allows you to use your smartphone to control any device in your home, especially when you cannot find your remote control. 

The other innovation that appealed to many Singaporeans is the single cable that charges up to ten devices with different types of ports. 

Travel Innovations for Bags, Clothes and Pillows

Singaporeans enjoy traveling, and many are interested in products that will make traveling more comfortable. This is why many Kickstarter campaigns that offer solutions to common problems encountered when traveling receive great backing and enough funds to start production. 

Some of the popular creations from Singapore include a travel jacket that comes fitted with an eye mask, bottle opener, gloves, neck pillow, magnetic earphone holder, cable hole, key pockets, wallet and pen slots, and a neck warmer. Understandably, such a travel outfit gets incredible backing and funding because it provides everything a traveler needs to travel light. It also allows you to move easily and comfortably since you won’t need to carry heavy baggage. 

Travel bags and backpacks are also popular Kickstarter campaign products that Singaporeans easily back because they come in creative designs and are both functional and aesthetic. 

Home Entertainment Products

Home entertainment products are also quite popular among Singaporeans. When going through recent Kickstarter campaigns, many people look for items that will make their stay at home more entertaining. This is the reason behind the demand for some of the excellent entertainment innovations in Singapore. They include portable karaoke systems, charging hubs, and many more. 

Kickstarter has made it easier for innovators to assess what Singaporeans like and how to get their attention. Knowing the products that are likely to sell well will save you time and money since you will design your products to meet the market demand. Understanding your target market will also guarantee sustainability and guide future innovations to complement your existing products. 

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