Kickstarter stores in Singapore
Kickstarter stores in Singapore

Do you sometimes wonder how products that receive enough backing and funds on Kickstarter Singapore get to the market? Are you running a Kickstarter campaign and worried that you might not be able to manage the sales? You need not worry because there are several avenues for you to sell your products without being directly involved. This allows you to focus on the production and quality of the products. 

Singapore has several entrepreneurs who have chosen to sell Kickstarter products exclusively. This has been helpful to many startups, which don’t have the luxury that big brands have when it comes to options of where to sell the products. 

Many stores that sell well-known brands are skeptical about taking on new products. Since most Kickstarter products are from startups, entrepreneurs have trouble marketing and getting the products to the consumers. Additionally, not everyone visits Kickstarter to see the campaign products, or those that do may miss out on some of the products given the incredible number of campaigns on the Singapore Kickstarter store

Singapore is one of the top countries where Kickstarter campaigns receive immense support. With a population of approximately 5.6million, Singaporeans have contributed more than $6million of the $1 billion pledges to Kickstarter campaigns. This has encouraged many outlets to support the popular Kickstarter campaigns by providing a point of sale. 

Online stores

More than 50% of Singaporeans shop online. Several online stores are offering Kickstarter products for online shoppers. Some, like The Novus Lab, offers some of the best Kickstarter products at discounted rates. 

Since some of the campaigns take months, it is easy to lose sight of the products, especially as new ones quickly replace old campaigns. Buying from an online store saves you the time spent scrolling through Kickstarter, trying to figure out where the product you would like to buy. 

Retail stores

Although online sales have increased significantly in Singapore, a significant portion of the population still prefers walking into a store to buy products. This is why several retail stores are offering Kickstarter products. 

This is a great option for those seeking instant gratification by getting the products as soon as they buy them. When shopping online, you may need to wait a few days for the products to be shipped. You will also save the shipping costs often attached to the products. 

Since some of the products on Kickstarter are innovations, some buyers remain skeptical about the quality and functionality of some of the features. Buying from a retail store means you get to inspect some of the features and determine if you should spend money on the item or not.

Some online stores do not encourage returns, so you will be stuck with a product you don’t need or one that doesn’t work as well as you expected. Additionally, you can easily bargain for a discount, especially for bulk purchases, when buying from a retail store. 

Why shop at online Kickstarter stores?

Many stores that carry Kickstarter products don’t just focus on those that have enough backing or funds, but they also advertise products that have great potential even though the set targets are yet to be met. This is an excellent way to create awareness about products, especially to people who don’t visit Kickstarter frequently and may miss some of the amazing products on offer. 

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