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Type of Mattresses Available in the Singapore Market

With many different types of mattresses in the market, only an expert can tell which type is the best. There are certain features and materials in mattress which differentiate one type from the other. The article will analyse what need to look for when purchasing the best mattress in Singapore.

Look for the Innerspring of the mattress:

When the term spring comes in mind, one could recall childhood time of jumping on the bed. Also when one would move, the other partner would shake as well. Spring mattress are the most primitive and prominent type of mattress available in the Singapore market. This kind of mattress is user friendly and easily fits many users. If your budget is tight, then a spring mattress is the best choice you could make. However, with usage these mattresses are torn out easily and may not remain functional in the long run. Thus, if you plan to buy spring mattress, keep in mind that you may end up making a purchase again after sometime.

Innerspring or Coil Mattress:

Coil mattress comes in the form of coil structure. Mainly, four types of coil structures are available in the mattress fittings,

  • Continuous Coil: As the name indicates, these coils are continuous and consists of single coil in the form of one wire. The shape of the coil is “S”. For low budget consumers, this type of coil is a feasible option.
  • Offset Coil: For better hinge effect, offset coil is yet another option. The top of the coil is hinge shaped, whereas the bottom is connected with the edge of the other coil. These are in the form of layers which offer good flexibility.
  • Bonnell Coils: These coils are of superior quality and are typically included in the best kind of mattresses. If you have low budget and cannot afford to buy any branded mattress, then this could be your preferred choice.
  • Pocketed Coil or Marshall Coil: The anatomy of pocketed coil is similar to innerspring coil mattress. This type is mostly flexible due to intermingling of coils into one another.

Natural Fibres:

This type of mattress has the most natural fitting as compared to ordinary foams. The Singapore market has many different types and each kind is easily affordable. Natural fibre mattress are considered one of the best kind of mattress in Singapore as it is very comfortable and offers a good night sleep after a stressful long day. The overall impact of the mattress on the health of the individual and environment is safe. Natural type of mattresses come in different types, mainly:

  • Hemp type; preferable for vegan lifestyle
  • Bamboo; made from natural resources
  • Organic cotton; has a long life
  • Coconut coir; offer excellent quality
  • Organic Wool; able to regulate temperature while sleep
  • Latex; made from the rubber trees and is fire resistant.

Memory Form:

During winter season, it is always good to sleep immersed in bed. This is possible with memory form mattress in Singapore. These type adjust to the body and leave an impression when compressed with hand or feet. It offers utmost comfort and ease to the body and relieves all muscular pain.

There are number of features available in each mattress type. Some come with natural materials while others with synthetic products. The comfortable sleep all depends upon the type of mattress you purchase for your bed.

Enjoy A Good Night Sleep with The Best Mattress

There are number of mattresses available in the Singapore market and people mostly get confused when go to buy a better one. The article tends to make your life easy by providing some details on the best mattresses available in the Singapore market.

  1. The Hybrid Mattress:
  2. excellent spinal support
  3. pocket springs
  4. memory foam with cooling gel

It is more comfortable as compared to spring mattresses and provides better support system to the body due to motion isolation technology. Hybrid type of mattress is the best available option in the category of best mattresses in Singapore for people looking for value of their money. The mattress come with guarantee of 02 years and in case of urgent requirement, some companies also deliver mattress at your doorsteps.

  • Memory classic mattresses:  The best kind of memory foam mattress is designed in Switzerland and has been introduced in the Singapore market. This type of mattress is best for people with back & neck pain and insomnia, also people with orthopaedic issue can benefit from this type. The mattress is made with memory cloud, a technology which gives cooling and therapeutic impact to the body. Some companies offer free usage trial for one night. The springs of the mattress are so designed that it guarantees good, comfortable and easy sleep with in-built system for body massage that increases blood flow and relieves pain. It also takes away heat from the body with its excellent absorbing technology and maintain temperature while sleep. Yet another interesting feature in the mattress is motion insulator which doesn’t disturb sleep of either partner in case of movement of the other partner.
  • Levitate Mattress: The best kind of levitate mattress offers excellent spinal support fitted for an individual with its pocket spring facility. The company offer 100 days’ trial for free and one get value of money spent on the purchase. Mattress is made up of premium material which relaxes muscles and absorb mental stiffness and tension. It also dissipates heat away from the body and gives cooling effect. Mattress comes with 12 years’ warranty.
  • For Spinal Care; Euro Coil Mattress: The best kind of euro coil mattress is repulsive towards water and dirt particles and provides good support for orthopaedic system. If you are allergic towards fur and mattress cloth, then this particular type is for you due to its mite and dust allergic feature and anti-bacterial function. If you are still indecisive whether to go for this type or not, then check what people have to say about the mattress. The outside cover of the mattress is made of Teflon cloth. The inner springs are relatively cheap which reduce the overall price of the mattress. However, cheap mattress and low price doesn’t reduce the quality of the mattress at all. Rather it makes the mattress affordable for all. Apart from this, it is easy to remove the Teflon fabric of the mattress for washing purposes.

The Singapore mattress market offer lot of mattress from Switzerland and the US made. You first shortlist some brands and check their online reviews. Then make a final decision because you sleep on the mattress everyday. Your good night sleep depends upon the choice of mattress you choose and how much you pay for it. If you are looking for the best mattres in Singapore, find more information here.

Finding the best Mattresses in Singapore

Many Singaporeans often neglect the quality of their mattress. Little do they know that a bad mattress can affect your quality of sleep and cause health problems such as cardiac issues, weak immune system and respiratory issues. If you are planning to move to a new place or simply cannot stand waking up to back aches, then this article will help you make a better decision when purchasing the best mattress for your home.

Why buy a good mattress?

After a long tiring day, everyone looks forward to a good night sleep. A cozy room, comfortable bed and smooth mattress is a perfect combo which awaits you at the end of the day. Buying a good mattress depends upon your pocket and many branded mattresses might just fall out of your budget. Apart from this, some non-branded regular mattresses also offer good sleep if they are better in quality. How to determine the quality of the mattress is not an easy task. If you plan to buy the best mattress in Singapore, then read what others recommend.

To cater for the concept of “bed in a box”, many online companies offer money back guarantee for mattresses. You can check those as well. Some online known companies also offer features like premium memory forms and latex layers in their mattresses which last for long.

Available Sizes and Dimensions of Mattresses

The size of the mattress depends mostly on the size of the bed. Normally, there are categories of bed like single, super single, queen, and king size mattress. Suitability and dimensions of different mattresses is as follow:

Single Mattress; Suitable for one child or one adult. Its dimensions are 190cm to 91 cm.

Super Single; Suitable for one adult. Its dimensions are 190 cm to 107 cm

Queen; It is mainly for two adults. The dimensions are 190 cm to 152 cm.

King size; This particular size is for two adults and sometimes two adults with single child as well. Its dimensions are 190 cm to 182 cm.

Best King size Mattress in Singapore:

In the category of King size mattress in Singapore, made-in Hong Kong mattresses are one of the best in the market which are very affordable and considered top selling brand name. They also offer latex mattresses, which is high in budget but highly recommended type. You can also check and order online through their different distributors. The single mattress cost around $200 whereas for double mattress, $400 is the total cost.

Extending life of Mattress:

Below are some Do’s and Don’ts which can extend the life of your mattress:

Do’s: Rotate and change the side of your mattress regularly to keep their weight and thickness equal at all stages. Second make sure to use mattress protector for keeping it safe from any corrosion and from getting scattered. During rainy and summer season, timely ventilation can also extend its life for long.

Don’t: Kids love to jump on the mattress but it can shorten the life of your mattress. Besides this the way you sit on a mattress also determine its life. Thus, sit in balanced way and never on the edges.

Homes are not built everyday but it takes lifetime to make one home. Thus, buy the best mattress which suits your home ambiance, your lifestyle and your comfort zone. Because at the end of the day, a good night sleep is all it takes to start all over again.

How to Launch Your Innovative Product on Kickstarter

Kickstarter products in Singapore online stores

People who post their products on crowdfunding sites receive different responses. When you visit the Singapore Kickstarter platform, you will notice some projects have thousands of people backing it while others barely have ten people committed to seeing the project come to fruition. Sometimes this could be because the product is not appealing or the creator was not convincing enough. 

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise funds for your business, but even though it seems easy, it can be a challenge to get people to notice your project. It would help if you were strategic. Before posting your project and launching your campaign, you need to find out how to market it so that you can get financing. 

Focus on the product that is most likely to sell

Most of the people who have been successful in crowdfunding their business ventures chose to focus on only one product even when they had more to offer. The primary reason for doing this is people want to back tangible items and not several ideas. Remember, this is the first step to realizing your dream as an entrepreneur. 

Once you have financing, you can easily expand to having an entire store, and by then, you might have access to more funds. Ask yourself which of the items you have for sale can you market best and is most needed in the market. Once this idea takes off, you can then build a store easily, especially if you have an established client base. 

Who is your target audience?

Many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses because they discovered a gap in the market. More often than not, this need arose from personal experiences, which could be difficulty in finding an item they needed or the available products were too costly hence leaving people who cannot afford at a disadvantage. 

As you come up with your business plan, you need to identify your target audience. This will help you craft a proposal that those in need can relate with and even back it because they recognize the value of having that product in the market.

Even if the market seems to be saturated with a specific product, if that is what you truly want to sell, you should find loopholes in the items currently in the market and carve yourself a niche people are willing to get behind. 

Differentiate your product from similar ones

Unless you are creating a new concept, you’ll discover that you already have competition for the product you want to sell. If yours is unique and new to the market, the status quo may not remain for much longer. Someone will find ways to outcompete you. This is the cycle of a business, and you need to find ways to have a competitive edge over the other producers. 

You may opt to focus on how you package your products, price, or expand on usage to create a buzz about the product. You need to creatively make your product the only choice for buyers even when more people are selling similar products. 

Singaporeans are quite innovative, and if you are creative enough, you can come up with a product that many people can relate with and even offer to support financially through the Kickstarter store. However, sometimes all you have is one shot at making it happen, so you need to get it right the first time. Otherwise, people may lose interest or feel you are not ready for the business venture, so they may not be willing to invest in your project. 

Afterwards, look for various avenues to market your innovative product(s). Consider recognised and registered Kickstarter product stores such as The Novus Lab, Interstellar and We The People. Also look to sell on physical platforms and also social platforms like Lazada and Shopee. Always spread your net wider and you’ll be well on your way to making profits!

Popular Lifestyle Products on Kickstarter Campaign Stores

Kickstarter stores selling online in Singapore
Kickstarter stores selling online in Singapore

As crowdfunding becomes increasingly popular as a source of funding for product production in Singapore, some campaigns experience greater success than others. This is primarily because backers of the various Kickstarter campaigns choose products that they can relate to, and those they feel will make a difference in their lives. 

This is one reason why products with great backing tend to do well even after the campaign is over. However, many people shy away from products that have not been tried and tested. However, some of the campaigns provide solutions to some of the challenges people experience with some of the products currently in the market. This is an exciting aspect of the new products unveiled on Kickstarter Singapore. Such Kickstarter products are also found at The Novus Lab, that sells award-winning Kickstarter innovations and products. Read more here.

Tech Innovations

Singapore is the second most competitive country, after the United States, in digital development. Singaporeans are knowledgeable and creative in technological know-how, but they are also curious and willing to invest in tech products. This is one of the reasons for the immense backing of Kickstarter campaigns with tech products. 

Examples of products that have drawn the interest of many Singaporeans include the smart egg universal remote control, which allows you to use your smartphone to control any device in your home, especially when you cannot find your remote control. 

The other innovation that appealed to many Singaporeans is the single cable that charges up to ten devices with different types of ports. 

Travel Innovations for Bags, Clothes and Pillows

Singaporeans enjoy traveling, and many are interested in products that will make traveling more comfortable. This is why many Kickstarter campaigns that offer solutions to common problems encountered when traveling receive great backing and enough funds to start production. 

Some of the popular creations from Singapore include a travel jacket that comes fitted with an eye mask, bottle opener, gloves, neck pillow, magnetic earphone holder, cable hole, key pockets, wallet and pen slots, and a neck warmer. Understandably, such a travel outfit gets incredible backing and funding because it provides everything a traveler needs to travel light. It also allows you to move easily and comfortably since you won’t need to carry heavy baggage. 

Travel bags and backpacks are also popular Kickstarter campaign products that Singaporeans easily back because they come in creative designs and are both functional and aesthetic. 

Home Entertainment Products

Home entertainment products are also quite popular among Singaporeans. When going through recent Kickstarter campaigns, many people look for items that will make their stay at home more entertaining. This is the reason behind the demand for some of the excellent entertainment innovations in Singapore. They include portable karaoke systems, charging hubs, and many more. 

Kickstarter has made it easier for innovators to assess what Singaporeans like and how to get their attention. Knowing the products that are likely to sell well will save you time and money since you will design your products to meet the market demand. Understanding your target market will also guarantee sustainability and guide future innovations to complement your existing products.